Holy Sepulchre Catholic Cemetery | Rochester, NY

Above-Ground Burial Options

Above-Ground Burial Options
Holy Sepulchre and Ascension Garden are home to several elegant mausoleums and columbaria. All are built to the highest standards, constructed on site by premier builders. We thoughtfully choose the raw materials used in each of our buildings, ensuring a timeless style and beauty, and long-standing durability.

Our mausoleums are designed as community mausoleums with affordable options that make them available to members of our Catholic community, their families and loved ones regardless of religious affiliation.

Full body crypts and cremated remains niches are also available in our mausoleums, where vaults are not required. The bronze name plate or lettering is included in the crypt and niche prices.

At Holy Sepulchre:
Christ Our Light Mausoleum
The Christ Our Light Mausoleum was blessed by Bishop Matthew H. Clark on September 20, 2008. Featuring 5,341 casket spaces and 2,239 niches, this elegant three-story mausoleum offers a wide variety of options and magnificent views of the surrounding park-like setting of the cemetery. The crypt fronts are made of a variety of distinctive colored Italian and Spanish marbles and wood. The niche fronts are made of marble, wood or clear glass for displaying personalized urns. The marble and wood fronts include elegant bronze memorial plaques with a black granite insert containing the person’s name and birth and death dates, and an eternal light that is lit at the time of burial. The bronze memorial (including engraving and the perpetual light) is included in the purchase price of the crypt or niche. Additional plaques, emblems, ceramic photos and flowers are available.

Resurrection Garden and All Saints Mausoleums
The Resurrection Garden and All Saints mausoleums offer a combined number of crypts totaling 10,000, with an additional 5,000 niche spaces for cremated remains.

The Resurrection Garden Mausoleum has many niche spaces available. The mausoleum consists of three buildings and is located near Dewey Avenue.

The All Saints Mausoleum has single and double crypts for full body burials and both single and double niches available for cremated remains. Two particularly beautiful niche areas feature custom mosaics, one depicting the twelve apostles and the other the four evangelists. This mausoleum is located on the Lake Avenue side of the cemetery.

At Ascension Garden:
The Ascension Garden Mausoleum was blessed by Bishop Matthew H. Clark on June 22, 2011. Our beautifully constructed, state-of-the-art facility features 1,378 crypts for casket interments, more than 2,000 niches for cremated remains, and a large, light-infused chapel for on-site services. The entire building is heated including the chapel, which also has air conditioning for the warmer months. A covered entrance leads into the spacious, welcoming lobby with a raised skylight that bathes the area in natural sunlight. Tranquil corridors and rooms enable private reflection in comfort.

Choices for crypt fronts include Italian and Spanish marble and wood. Niches are offered with either traditional marble or clear glass fronts to display personalized urns. All crypts and niches include a memorial plaque with black granite insert featuring name and birth/death dates. Crypts also include a perpetual light that is lit at the time of interment and remains lit forever. Additional plaques, emblems, ceramic photos and flowers are available.

Columbaria are free-standing above-ground structures located in a garden setting for the interment of cremated remains. These niches are available for one or two urns of cremated remains. The columbaria are located in the exquisitely landscaped St. Francis Garden section, St. Bernard's Grove, South 37 & South 45 at Holy Sepulchre and in two beautiful, prominent sections at Ascension Garden. They are surrounded by in-ground burial plots for cremated remains and full casket graves.

Holy Sepulchre Catholic Cemetery | Rochester, NY