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Lifebook Usage & Privacy Policy

We created Lifebook as a unique offering for the family members and friends of those buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemeteries. Writing a message to the deceased can be a cathartic experience, allowing you to communicate with a loved one you’ve lost no matter the time of day or how many miles there are between you and our cemeteries. We invite you to share these messages on Lifebook and enjoy the comments that others leave in celebration of the person’s life on Earth.

Lifebook Usage and Privacy Policy
Holy Sepulchre Cemeteries staff will review and approve all messages submitted for Lifebook before they are posted. It is at our staff’s discretion to decide if any posts shall be denied for reasons including, but not limited to, foul language, slanderous comments or disrespect for Catholic beliefs or policies.

An email address must be provided in case a Holy Sepulchre Cemeteries staff member needs to reach you. By providing your email address you are allowing Holy Sepulchre Cemeteries to send future e-mail messages that we believe may be of relevance to you.

All messages submitted on Lifebook will be available for general public viewing.

Holy Sepulchre Catholic Cemetery | Rochester, NY