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In-Ground Decoration Policies

In-Ground Decoration Policies
Plantings are welcomed in many sections of Holy Sepulchre and Ascension Garden cemeteries. Plantings should be confined to an area not more than 12 inches out from the monument or marker, and the plants should be limited to 18 inches in height. This maintains a sense of order in relation to other plantings in the immediate area.

Please see specific policies on the various sections:

General information:
Upright Monument Lots
Lots with two graves: Planting is permitted along the front, not to exceed the width of the monument.

Lots with graves in front of the monument: Planting is permitted along the front and sides of the monument.

Lots with graves in front and back of the monument: Planting is permitted along the front, back and sides of the monument.

Flush and Slant Marker Sections
Planting is permitted along the front of the marker, and must not be larger in width than the marker. Flower placement must be within 12 inches from the marker, with its height not to exceed 18 inches.

Lawn Crypt Sections
In-ground flower plantings are not permitted due to the unique landscaping design. Artificial flowers may be placed in the removable vase set in the marker.

Fresh Cut Flowers
Fresh flowers may be placed on graves in metal or plastic cemetery vases (no glass). Potted plants up to 8 inches in diameter are also acceptable. Do not use glass containers due to possible safety hazards.

Because of the large number of incoming flowers at the cemeteries, funeral flowers will be removed by our staff on the day of interment. Should members of the family wish to preserve some funeral flowers, please take them with you following the service.

Winter Decorations
Natural and artificial wreaths may be placed on graves from November 15th to March 15th. They can be set on stands or easels, or may be hung on monuments using a non-metallic cord (no metal cords, as they rust and can permanently stain monuments). Also, please do not drive metal stakes into the ground to hang a wreath.

Our staff will begin spring cleanup, including removal of all wreaths, on or about March 15th. If you wish to keep a wreath, please remove it before this date.

American Flags
American flags, up to 12 inches by 18 inches, may be placed on graves year round. In respect for the flag, and in concern for the general appearance of the cemeteries, each cemetery will, at its discretion, remove any flags that have become unsightly.

Prohibited Decorations
Due to legal and safety concerns, some decorations are not allowed on cemetery grounds. Please be respectful of the following listing of prohibited decorations, to ensure the safety of our staff and visitors, and the perpetual beauty of our grounds.

• Artificial flowers
• Ceramic or glass objects
• Shepherd’s hooks
• Crosses
• Temporary grave markers or plaques
• Statues
• Toys or novelties
• Fraternal or military emblems

Permanent Plantings, Mulching and General Landscaping
The planting of shrubs, bushes and trees on lots and graves is prohibited. The cemeteries have an annual tree care plan that includes trimming, removal and replacement to ensure a garden environment throughout all sections.

Mulching with crushed stone, wood chips, shells or other hard materials is prohibited for safety reasons. These objects can be picked up and thrown by mowers, trimmers and snow blowers, and possibly cause injury to persons or damage to property.

Cemetery staff manage all mowing, trimming, fertilizing and other general lawn care, so these activities are not permitted by guests. This includes the spading or excavating of land, altering the grade, or laying or removing of sod. Reseeding of graves and lots is provided by the cemeteries at the request of the family. Edging around an in-ground flower planting should be limited to black plastic installed with a maximum of 2 inches showing above ground. Zoysia or other non-native grasses should not be planted without cemetery permission. These plants can become invasive and seriously damage the turf and landscape.

Specific to Holy Sepulchre:
Queen of Heaven, St. Francis and Lawn Crypt Sections
Due to the uniquely landscaped layout, flower plantings are not permitted in these sections. Instead, flowers may be planted in a removable green cone or other in-ground vase that can be easily moved when our staff mows the lawn.

Specific to Ascension Garden:

Flower plantings are not permitted in any cremation sections on Ascension Garden grounds.

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