Holy Sepulchre Catholic Cemetery | Rochester, NY

About Ascension Garden Cemetery

Natural Beauty and Serenity
Developed to enhance and fit seamlessly with the natural surroundings of the area, the bucolic country setting of Ascension Garden will leave a lasting impression of peace and serenity to all who visit.

  • A decorative stone façade embraces the Pinnacle Road gateway and flows into a beautifully landscaped main entrance.
  • Ornamental trees and flowering shrubs highlight the burial sections, each landscaped to provide additional beauty and serenity to the area.

A Fitting Memorial
As part of the Holy Sepulchre family of cemeteries, Ascension Garden is rooted in the Catholic tradition and respects people of faith from all communities. Our services include:

  • Full casket and cremation burials
  • Traditional garden-like burials and upright or ground level memorials
  • A community mausoleum (heated and air-conditioned) and columbaria for above-ground cremation interment
  • Special memorial burial sections for military veterans, emergency medical service responders, police officers and firefighters.
  • Green burial section with natural stone memorials
Holy Sepulchre Catholic Cemetery | Rochester, NY